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I’m Margaret Dorchester

Personal Life & Career Coach

The Work-Life Balance Program

For Overworked Small Business Owners.

Transition From Feeling Trapped in Your Business to Feeling Free to Enjoy a Personal Life With Family and Friends

Developing a Balance

Running your own business is no small task and more often than not, it ends up consuming the owner. The consequences are borne by you and everyone close to you. Identify what changes can be made in areas that consume your time to achieve the balanced life you desire.

Fine-tuning for Success

Operations that are ineffective or inefficient are slow poison for businesses. Create plans that accommodate employee and customer feedback, identify which operations have duplicate or wasted steps, and cut back on direct oversight, by empowering your employees to work collaboratively toward the business’ success.

Prioritizing Personal Time

When your business demands monopolize your time, your family and potentially your health take the hit. An unhealthy environment will impede your clarity, affecting strategic thinking and operational decisions. Make a plan that accommodates a healthy personal life with regular vacations and fun family times.

About Me

I have many interests and they compete for my time and attention. I used to be able to multitask well. But over the years I have learned that I need to concentrate on one thing at a time, in order to complete tasks and projects effectively.

Excelling in one’s own business is a dream for many highly motivated, creative people. However, sometimes attention to the business can get in the way of family harmony with spouse and children. Learning how to prioritize what is most important and balance both business and personal lives can be a serious challenge.

I have a master’s degree in business and is a Certified Management Consultant. Helping other people professionally with life and business has always been her great passion.

Being a business consultant and leadership coach over time has allowed me to develop techniques to share for personal and professional growth in communication, focus, self-esteem, and goal achievement.

That’s why I’ve become really passionate about using my skills to help small business leaders learn how to rebalance their work and personal lives to benefit themselves and their families, while keeping their businesses running smoothly.

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“Margaret is a total professional. She always delivers!”

Julie Miller

Business Writing That Counts Woodinville, WA

“Margaret is a very competent consultant in enterprise organizational improvement.”

Glenn Hamamura

Systems Excellence LLC Mililani, HI

“Margaret is a very good quality improvement consultant leveraging the Baldrige criteria. She is particularly adept at getting organizations excelling and ready to apply for the Baldridge Award.”

Scott Siderman

On Balance Consulting Seattle, WA

“The most wonderful provider of the future of “Quality” comprehension for your organization.”

Evelyn Harden

Alaska Adventure Cabins Homer, AK

“One of the best leadership, project management and business systems quality that I’ve ever met. She will be an exceptional partner for you!”

James Murray

Executive Outliers Kent, WA

“Have known Margaret for some time and had the opportunity to work with her on several engagements. She is a high quality resource who provides her clients excellent service.”

Gary Scroggs

IS Domain, Inc Kirkland, WA

“I have known Margaret for several years. She is an expert in performance evaluation and the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Awards (and by extension, the Washington State Quality Awards). She is a good listener and very perceptive. She is the person I would call for consultation on improving my business practices and quality.”

Fara Daun

Stellar Pacific Business Law, Pllc Lynnwood, WA

“When it comes to helping achieve professional or personal goals, Margaret is very adept at assessing the situation and charting a path to success. She asks great questions and seems to listen from the inside out. She is also super organized and has a great sense of humor. It is always a pleasure to work with her.”

Lyn Wiltse

PDSA Consulting Inc Kirkland, WA

The Work-Life Balance Program

For Overworked Small Business Owners

Transition From Feeling Trapped in Your Business to Feeling Free to Enjoy a Personal Life With Family and Friends